EssayBootcamp is an extension of the ResumeBootcamp brand to provide
dissertation editing and review services, as well as college essay review at the
undergraduate and professional school level.  For over ten years
EssayBootcamp has been working with high school students and graduate students
on college entrance essays as well as applicants to graduate programs.

As the final stage prior to being sent to the Dissertation Review Committee,
dissertation editing is a necessary step.  All dissertation editing is completed by a
former dissertation chair with a Ph.D. in Education.
Prices below are based on each individual essay. Prices include a
required one hour in-person or telephone consultation fee that each
student books following the review of each essay.

0 - 250 words:           $80

251 - 375 words:       $90

376 - 500 words:       $100

501 - 625 words:       $110

626 - 750 words:       $125

Here's how it works - getting started is easy:

1)  Submit an electronic copy of your current essay online via email in
Microsoft Word format. Please include a  copy of the essay

2)  Within 4-5 business days your essay edits will be ready.  

3) Call or email to schedule your one-on-one consultation. At the
agreed upon date and time, your essay revisions will be shared and
each edit will be reviewed in-person, by telephone, or Skype video
conference call.

*  Payment is due in full prior to work beginning.
*  Payments can  be made via PayPal with the above BUY NOW buttons.  For any
questions please contact us at
The college application process is more competitive than ever, and essays  have
become one of the most influential components of the application  process allowing
students to stand out beyond grades and test score.   Similar to a cover letter for a
job application, the essay is a personal opportunity to share with
admissions representatives why you are the best candidate for admission over the
other applicants, based  on your qualifications, individuality, and uniqueness.  Your
essay needs to be compelling and powerful, and could be the deciding factor in
getting   you accepted.  (And of course, should the application package require a
ResumeBootcamp can help.)

Our editors will read and review your essay (
your essay will not be amended or
rewritten for you
) and offer constructive feedback, comprehensive evaluation, and
suggestions and recommendations for strategic improvements. We offer an
extensive overview of your essay's principal strengths and weaknesses,
encompassing issues of style and content; this includes sentence structure,
paragraph organization, grammar and style, and tone, and of course thorough
Prices below are based upon dissertation services at $40  per hour,
with a three hour required minimum for initial review.

* Initial Dissertation Review:  $120

Additional One Hour: $40

Additional Two Hours: $80

Additional Three Hours: $120

*  Minimum payment is due prior to work beginning.  Additional hours of
review will be charged accordingly and due upon completion of dissertation
editing services.
*  Payments can  be made via PayPal with the above BUY NOW buttons.  
*  For any questions please contact us at