About Our Corporate Partnership Programs
ResumeBootcamp.com currently partners with companies to offer benefits to
them and their employees. Generally, there are two types of partnerships:

1)  We offer ResumeBootcamp.com services to Human Resources Departments
who are in the midst of restructuring or reorganizing which might entail lay-offs,
extending resume writing services as a severance benefit (usually one resume
and/or cover letter) to effected employees.  The company is then invoiced and
sent a weekly or monthly detailed list of employees and services rendered.

2)  We also offer ResumeBootcamp.com as a benefit to all employees, extending
a corporate discount to those interested in utilizing any aspect of our services.  
For example, many companies offer special deals to employees - e.g. floral
discounts, or gym membership specials.  ResumeBootcamp.com would be an
additional benefit offered.

As with all of our other services, we offer fast, professional service;  resumes
can be turned around in about 3-4 days, and rush service is also available.  We
especially understand the need for urgency during a lay-off situation, where
affected employees are often anxious and confused about potential next steps in
their career endeavors.  ResumeBootcamp.com can help them get one step
closer to a new job.

ResumeBootcamp.com has a very personalized and compassionate approach to
our services, working with the employee along each step of the way to ensure
their resume is in its best shape ever. The process is interactive with the
customer via email and/or phone, and their participation is key since this will
allow us to better market them effectively.

To find out more about our services offered, click here.

For additional information and custom pricing for Corporate Partnerships, please
Contact Us at inquiries@ResumeBootcamp.com.
Corporate Partnerships

Just a note to say that ResumeBootcamp.com is doing a superb job on my
resume.  I hadn't told them what I did at my various (positions); she somehow
just osmosed it.  No one, but no one, is as finicky about proofreading as I am,
and they gamely followed right along behind me, diddling with every comma and
infinitive and polishing and crafting really wonderful work.  Not only that, but
they got right back to me with everything.  You would think that they were my
own personal servant.  I can't imagine a better job of it than what
- NKM,
Crestline, CA

Amazing how well my resume turned out. You seem to be mind-readers!  
ResumeBootcamp was on top of things from the git-go. Thank you!
- PJB, New York, NY

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